The Palmetto Commerce Parkway Phase 3 (PCP3) project would provide the last segment in a new connector parkway from Ladson Road to Aviation Avenue near I-26, and Joint Base Charleston. This proposed project would provide the final 3-mile long section of four-lane roadway between Ashley Phosphate Road and West Aviation Avenue near Remount Road. This would facilitate better distribution of traffic in the area north of the I-26/I-526 Interchange and provide a new connection for commuters traveling through the City of North Charleston.

The PCP3 project was initiated by Charleston County to provide an improved quality of life for citizens through better traffic operations and to support economic development opportunities in the Charleston region.

The existing sections of Palmetto Commerce Parkway extend 5.7 miles from Ladson Road to Ashley Phosphate Road. This road was completed in two phases - the first in 2007, and the second in 2011. PCP3’s preliminary design process began in late 2013 and continued through 2014. During that process engineers, surveyors, scientists and other specialists began work on the project including traffic analysis, initial public stakeholder involvement, and some conceptual design.

After a hiatus, the PCP3 project was restarted in early 2018. To advance the project, the project team will complete the required environmental studies, evaluating a range of alternatives, identifying and analyzing impacts as well as potential mitigation measures.

This final phase will complete an overall parkway and related improvements resulting in more than 10 miles of new and improved roadway in an area that is growing with business and transportation needs.